Hello World

My name is Cajetan Bouchard. I'm very glad that you stumbled upon this site. In here, I want to share my love for knowledge, open-source torrents and of course electronic music.

This is what you may expect to appear in the following months.

New Items Expected Date Completed
100+ pages on the website End of March 2020
Support at least 10 games, 40 distributions and 10 softwares (torrents) End of July 2020
Documentation and Tutorials for MySQL/MariaDB End of September 2020
Tutorials for LibreOffice End of October 2020
First Video Tutorials hosted on YouTube End of December 2020

At the moment, you might have seen a few publicity/ads on this site, but I would like to remove them. To do so, I need your help. Please share the content with your friends and colleagues. The more traffic I get, the more it motivates me to continue this adventure.

You can also by me a coffee.

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I Use and Support Open-Source Projects

I make a point to send money back to the projects I rely on. When you buy a coffee, you are also supporting project like these.

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